PLEASE NOTE: The database is a work in progress and does not yet contain all the Legislation for South Africa.

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The website contains:

  • Updated or consolidated legislation. All amendments are included.
  • “Current legislation” gives you access to the latest or “in force” version.
  • Regulations to Acts. (Where the full text is not available, this may be requested)
  • Using Historical versions of Acts and Regulations, or “Point-in-time” legislation makes it possible to look at a piece of legislation as it was at a particular time. For example - if a matter arose or occurred in June 2005 one would need to use the version of the applicable Act for that time. If it was a liquidation or sequestration matter one would consult the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936, using the appropriate chronological period, or the appropriate historical version.
  • The Acts and Regulations are in PDF format.
  • All these documents should also be available on the SAFLII website.

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